Coach Details

Ingrid Miller
Irvine, CA
I offer 3 different services in various combinations:

Custom Training Plans for beginners or athletes moving up in distance.

Weight Management Programs for athletes that are unhappy with their weight.

Swimming Lessons including helping beginner and fearful swimmers get comfortable in open water and the surf.

All of these services are available online and in person, except the swimming.
All of my services are custom tailored to the athlete.

I specialize in athletes that struggle to get leaner. Athletes would rather train more than eat less and that can lead to years of frustration when you feel like an athlete but you don't really look like one. Having travelled this road myself, I know how difficult it can be and I know what it takes to succeed.  My program is based on my book but the information is expanded and molded around your needs.  If you aren't serious about losing weight, don't hire me. Changing your relationship is hard work and no one can do the work for you.  My job is to give you the tools and the perspective that will allow you to make important lifetime changes.

I charge up front for the first 2 months then monthly thereafter. We meet in person or online once a week and I have a conversation which includes answering questions and giving you homework assignments. I may also encourage you to go to Weight Watchers as a supplement and additional support and resource. 

My other specialty is helping nervous and beginner swimmers
. I teach swimming technique based upon Total Immersion principles to those interested in improving their swimming ability. Swimming lessons are charged per lesson and I give a discount for multi-lesson packages.

I also help athletes that want to improve their confidence and skills in open water, including the ocean. I generally work one-on-one with fearful swimmers, but I also hold periodic "Fearless Swimming" workshops in open water venues throughout Southern California.
I would rather coach than practice law. Yes, I am a lawyer but that's no fun at all. Lawyering doesn't get people any closer to achieving their dreams but coaching sure does.  I have been an endurance athlete my whole life, was the first female lifeguard at the beach in Laguna, and have rowed a boat across the Catalina Channel a few times. I came to triathlon in my 40's when my kids were old enough to be in school so I could train. At about the same time, I finally won my personal battle with weight.

I have done numerous triathlons, including an Ironman and more than a dozen marathons. I was a swimmer in high school and that along with 8 years of ocean lifeguarding has made me very comfortable in the water.

I am also a writer and have written 3 books in the Ironman Book Series including: Ironplanner: Iron-Distance Organizer for Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2009), Weight Management For Triathletes (Meyer & Meyer 2010) and Fearless Swimming (Meyer & Meyer 2011).