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Lesley Mettler
Coach Lesley
Seattle, WA
Individualized programs to meet your training goals. Fitness evaluation. Heart rate zone settings. Customized core and strength program. Group runs and events. Training camps at race locations for race preparations.

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As a coach and athlete with 20 years of experience, I feel that it is important for me to pass on my love and passion for fitness, running, triathlon and sport in general along with the lessons I have learned. I believe that in order to achieve a goal you must have balance in your life. Training is one aspect. Respecting your body and health are paramount. I believe that fitness is always a work in progress. It must start where the learner is and requires discipline, emotional resilience and commitment. With each day of training and each success and failure you will learn more that you can apply to your sport, life and goals. I believe that you must be learning constantly. Training is not only about doing a workout but understanding what you are doing and why. I believe that coaching involves constant communication and adaptation. In this process, it is my hope that I will pass on a little of my energy and enthusiasm, and reach each client in some way to enrich their life.

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