Coach Details

Blake Stephens
Experience Momentum
Lynnwood, WA


At Experience Momentum we offer a range of services to support the elite athlete, age group athlete or the seasonal competitor. We have a staff of coaches that focus on all aspects of the sport of triathlon. We offer coaching packages as well as individual sport coaching sessions. We also specialize in sports nutrition and training plan development.


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I am a triathlete that enjoys to race in Ironman 70.3 and 140.6 distances, but have experience at all other distances. Prior to triathlon, my athletic background consisted of collegiate cycling (road racing, team time trials, and criteriums), downhill mountain bike racing, as well as a competitive hockey player in the US and Canada in my youth and teen years. 

Professionally, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Experience Momentum Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Fitness in Lynnwood, WA. My medical education is from the Mayo Clinic with clerkships in general medicine, neurology, and sports medicine from various institutions, such as the University of Utah. At Experience Momentum, I am a general practitioner, but am placing clinical focus on endurance and sport driven clientele that range in abilities from novice through seasoned athletes merging my sports medicine and neurological interests. 

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and have settled in Seattle with my wife Krista, also a local, looking forward to the many aspirations that seem to make it on every Pacific north westerner's bucket list.