Coach Details

Nancy Boyd
Experience Momentum
Lynnwood, WA


At Experience Momentum we offer a range of services to support the elite athlete, age group athlete or the seasonal competitor. We have a staff of coaches that focus on all aspects of the sport of triathlon. We offer coaching packages as well as individual sport coaching sessions. We also specialize in sports nutrition and training plan development.

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am a physical therapist and coach at Experience Momentum, a functional wellness center in Lynnwood that offers physical therapy, massage therapy, fitness programs, triathlon coaching and training and nutrition services.

I have been involved with the sport of triathlon for 8 years. I joined the sport of triathlon after running cross country and track and field at Michigan State University. It seemed like a natural fit to use my love and experience out on the road to the thrill and challenge of triathlons. I joined the Michigan State triathlon club and never looked back! I have competed in many triathlon distances ranging from sprints to an Ironman and multi-day triathlon events such as Triple T. 

I use my knowledge and experience of physical therapy knowledge to identity muscular imbalances and biomechanics deficits to help athletes reach their full potential through the development of a periodized training plan tailored to my client's individual needs.  She specializes in working with female athletes and long distance triathletes but loves working with all ability levels.