Coach Details

Frank Byskov
Gaithersburg/Rockville, MD

Program planning
 - to get you on the right track to success

One-on-One sessions
 - focused on correct biomechanical movement
 - specialty in swimming, running and transitions

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I love the sports of swimming and triathlon, and want others to be inspired and challenged, and hopefully come to love the sport as well. Combined with my passion for teaching, I began coaching triathletes, with a focus on efficient training and correct biomechanical movement.

I have a background as a competitive swimmer, representing the Danish National Team, and winning several conference titles in Division I for American University. After my swimming career was winding down, I set my sights on triathlons, where I could still use my swimming skills, while adding new personal challenges and goals.

In addition to my active career, I have been coaching swimming for close to 20 years, ranging from kids to Division I athletes. The last few years my focus has been on training triathletes, and m recently I have been the head swim coach for an elite triathlon team in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sometimes I can be a bit of a nerd, and love trying to improve upon the little details. I have acquired a lot of experience and effective teaching techniques, which can help triathletes prevent injuries, become faster and more efficient, and improve on their race day experiences.