Coach Details

Gabriel Phillips
Lifetime Endurance
Gilbert, AZ

Triathlon Plan Development
Strength Training
Swim Coaching
Metabolic Testing

Sprint Distance
Olympic Distance
Half Iron Distance
Full Iron Distance
Ultra Running

Bachelors of Science in -- E-business
Masters Business Administration - Global Management
ITCA Professional Triathlon Coach
CPR/ First AID / AED Certified

I am your everyday working man. I grew up in Lake Havasu City, AZ. and for the most part am a native resident of Arizona. I like most grew up playing Football, Baseball, but settled into Tennis in my High School years, competing as the top Varsity player for all 4 years. I managed to win a few tournaments over the years but eventually decided to head off to college @ Arizona State University. I spent the early 90's messing around in Tempe and settled down with my High School Sweetheart in 1994.

Life took over as I settled into a corporate job (AT&T) in Mesa and as we decided to start having children. My health and fitness declined substantially as I was sedentary for the majority of the day and then watched television for entertainment in the evening while helping my wife with the kids.

In 2000, Lifetime Fitness entered the valley and even though it was a 35 minute drive to get there each morning we joined hoping to drop some weight. I had ballooned to over 270+ pounds and I felt out of breath all the time. I was introduced to running (on a treadmill) to help drop weight but quickly decided I enjoyed seeing more than the large TV or the red dots going around the display. I decided to start mountain biking as well and soon became much more active and saw some weight drop off.

In 2009 my best friend challenged me to do a "Sprint" Triathlon with him at Nathan's in Tempe just after my 36th Birthday. I borrowed a friends bike, used old running shoes, and wore board shorts for the swim. I felt like I was going to die after I finished, but I was instantly hooked. 2 months later after volunteering for the Ironman Arizona Run Aid Station #2 I challenged my friend to do Ironman with me. Was I crazy or what!!!! I completed my 1st Ironman race in less than 12 hours and have a passion to do at least 15-20 more in my lifetime (maybe more should I be blessed in my later years). It is possible to change your life and health -- I am living proof of that!

I have not looked back since. I still hold my AT&T job as an Executive Negotiator with 20+ years service, I have been married for 18+ years, have 4 beautiful children (3 girls and 1 boy) whom I love doing things with, and went back to school to earn my MBA in 2010/11.