Coach Details

Ken Nail
Skyline Multisport Coaching
Charlottesville, VA

I offer training plans for runners and triathletes on a continuing basis as well as shorter length plans for specific races. I'm comfortable working with athletes remotely via email or phone, as well as helping in a "hands-on" manner when practical and applicable. I can coach you at a basic level, or integrate tools such as heart rate and power to maximize your performance.

I can coach you in events ranging from a first 5K to Ironman, while working with you to ensure you're maintaining the balance you want in your life. I believe the best-motivated athletes understand not only where they want to go, but how they're going to get there, so I'll work to ensure you understand not only the "what" but also the "why" of your training.

I've come to a fitness lifestyle and endurance sports relatively late in life, so I appreciate the difficulty of keeping a balance between home, work and sport. In the last five years I've placed in the top three of my age group over 20 times for races ranging in distance from 5K to 1/2-Ironman. I've also qualified for and raced in the 2010 Boston Marathon and placed top 25% in my age group at Ironman Wisconsin 2012.

I've been a student of the sports of triathlon and running for many years and have attended many USA Triathlon webinars, covering such topics as strength training, interval training, heart-rate zone training, and Iron-distance race preparation. I plan to attend the USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification Clinic at my first opportunity, hopefully in 2013.