Coach Details

Vicki Ostendorf
Tri Fitness
White Bear Lake, MN
  • Personal Training
  • vO2 testing
  • Gait analysis
  • Injury assessment
  • On-line coaching programs
  • Bike fit

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I started my endurance athlete career by running from home plate to 2nd base without slowing down (yes, I started as a fast pitch softball player).  When I was looking for more of a challenge, I started running for fun, which quickly resulted in a friend talking me into a marathon.  It took me many tries before I finally cracked that 3:00 hour mark, but I finally did it.  
Of course, the next step to all of this fun was getting started with triathlons.  After a couple of shorter distances, I decided to give the 70.3 a go and followed it with the IM distance.  
I am a personal trainer and coach.  I train athletes/individuals of all abilities with the goal of getting each person to realize what they are capable of completing.