Coach Details

Coach Noah
T1 Triathlon LLC
Boston, MA


Season Plans:

  • Sit down (in-person or on-phone) with us, and go over your season’s races, your athletic history, your goals, your constraints, and your schedule
  • We create a one-time season plan for you, including every workout on every day
  • Get access to your full workout plan online on a custom built website

One on One Coaching:

  • Everything included in the season plan, with much more real time interaction
  • Get unlimited access to coaches via email, phone, etc
  • Change your schedule, constraints, races whenever you want, and we will adapt your schedule to make it work.
  • Spend time before and after key workouts and races with us to work out nutrition, pacing, strategy, and tactics.

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About Us (our head coach):
  • Has been coaching sports for 20 years, and has been racing triathlon for 13 years.
  • Has finished dozens of half iron distance races, and half a dozen iron-distance races.
  • His PR’s are a 9:32 (first in age group) in iron distance, and 4:37 in half iron (also first in AG)
  • He has raced at the world championship level, racing clearwater in 4:45 (clearwater was the previous Ironman 70.3 World Championship, prior to Las Vegas)
  • He recently placed in the top 50 in his age group at the Ironman National Championships
  • He is coaching an athlete racing at Kona this year
  • He is a USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Unlike a lot of other coaches, he has also worked for a decade as a professional with a demanding non-sports job, so he understand kids, schedules, time crunches, etc, and can make a training plan that works for any life and schedule.