Coach Details

Gregg Seltzer
Triability Coaching
Irvine, CA

Triability Coaching offers its client-athletes the following:

  • Customized training plans and workouts for the triathlon sprint, Olympic, 70.3 (half-Ironmann), and 140.6 (full-Ironman) distance races.
  • Train one-to-one with our coach or train solo.
  • Unlimited communication with your coach by telephone, Email, or text -- whichever suits you.
  • Focused training for limiting sport - swim, bike, or run.
  • Strength training
  • Off-season or transition phase training.
  • Training and race-day fueling strategies.

Triability Coaching specializes in triathlon, swim, bike, run, and strength training. 

Gregg Seltzer is a professional triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running coach, certified by each disciplines governing body.

Born, bread, and fed in Los Angeles, California, the sports comprising triathlon were always in his life -- he lived most of his childhood on the beaches of Malibu swimming in the surf, running on the sand, and cycling on the boardwalks of Santa Monica.

 He served in the United States Military for six-years, competing in some tough endurance challenges the military has to offer. Later, Coach Gregg had a career in business as well as photography before discovering the sport of triathlon.

Coach Gregg is a Triathlon, swim, cycling, and running coach, certified by the USA's governing body of each discipline. Coach Gregg is also a certified spin and Tabata Instructor. 

Coach Gregg works extensively with age-group endurance athletes -- the backbone of the sport of triathlon. However, he also trains solo-sport athletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Coaching is a way of helping people do something for themselves that is healthy, both for the mind and body. Triathlon, or solo endurance sports such as marathon or ultra-running and cycling also achieve the same results.

Along with being a professional coach, Gregg is also a published professional photographer and published writer on health and fitness issues. He often is hired by his athletes, and others to photograph their day of competition -- from arrival at the venue through cool-down after the race is over. This is a valued service offered by Triability Coaching.

Coach Gregg has a passion for the sport of triathlon, which is evident to all of those he coaches. He races in multiple endurance events each year and considers himself a swimming, cycling, and running test laboratory to see what does or does-not work in a real-life training environment. 

Triability Coaching's simplistic menu of options allows you, the athletes to focus on what is important -- the training. Triability Coaching's goal is to be affordable to all who wish to achieve their goals in the sport of triathlon, and realize the coach's vital role in reaching that goal.