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Duane Ray Franks
Trifiniti Llc
Fairfax, CA
Individual customized online coaching using Training Peaks.
Beginners, Long Course, Short Course
Coach Duane provides individual and customized coaching for athletes of all abilities. He specializes in working with highly motivated adults who use sport as a way to balance and enhance their busy lives. He has nearly 40 years experience as an accomplished athlete and coach with a strong academic background that he uses to help his clients understand their training objectives, race goals and realistic expectations. He guides his athletes under his philosophy that the best training plan isn't the one that you follow; it's the one that follows you. Simply stated, you will only reach your true athletic potential if your daily training is adjusted to how well you are mentally and physically adapting to the workload. He only schedules 7-10 days in advance to assure the plan stays dynamic. He uses Training Peaks to provide daily guidance and reviews each post workout data and comments. This approach has yielded success from hundreds of athletes over the years who have achieved their dream performances. These include first time triathlon finishers as well as elite age group athletes who have won multiple world championships at the Hawaii Ironman, Hawaii Ultraman, ITU and World Masters Games.

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