Coach Details

Richard Swor
Forward Motion Coaching
Greensboro , NC

At forward motion we believe in individualized training plans.  cookie cutter workouts do not help the unique athlete improve, and we are all unique.  At Forward Motion you can expect workouts that are scientifically, and thoughtfully composed.  We also provided individual 1 on 1 trainings, swim stroke analysis, lactate threshold testing, benchmark testing, bike fitting and much more!!

ITU, Olympic, sprint, half iron and ironman events, we have experience with all of them.

Richard Swor is a certified triathlon, cycling and swimming coach with background coaching pros, youth, disabled, and age group athletes.  He believes that his unique skill set (professional triathlete, teaching and movement science degrees,  and coaching certifications) give him a unique and effective coaching style.  Richard Recently founded Forward Motion coaching with the goal of offering the most comprehensive, detailed, personalized training plans at an affordable rate.  Whether you’re looking for bike fitting, blood-lactate testing, weekly training plans or just someone’s mind to pick about the sport of triathlon feel free to contact Richard at any time!