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Brian Hammond

The Everyday Triathlete

New York, NY

[email protected]


Here at The Everyday Triathlete we only do it one way; and that is 100% personalized!  All programs are specifically designed for the individual athletes needs.  When an athlete joins our coaching service we like to first agree on a plan for the entire year or season.  This will ensure that the coach and the athlete are working toward a clearly defined goal.  

The Everyday Triathlete is a triathlon training club & coaching service that is focused on the athlete who wants to get the most out of their training while maintaining the work, life and training balance.  


Our triathlon training club is based out of New York City but we service athletes throughout the United States.  Our athlete roster includes athletes living in New York, Connecticut , New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Vermont. 

Over the past 15 years – from studying physical education at West Virginia University to 10 years as a personal trainer in New York to achieving my certification as a USA Triathlon coach – I have dedicated countless hours studying how the body adapts to training and how to manage the obstacles and hurdles that stand in the way.


However, no matter how much I broke down the technical aspects of training I realized that there was something that held even my own training back – reality. Like many of you, my newfound passion for triathlons also happened to coincide with my marriage to my lovely wife, a change in profession, and early in 2008 the birth of our first daughter which was followed by our second daughter in 2010. While I knew how to train to become faster, stronger and more competitive, finding the time to work it into my new life, my new reality, proved the ultimate challenge.


I was faced with a dilemma that many of you may be facing right now. We reach a point where we find it hard to imagine that we can do it all – manage our passion for training and competing with the responsibility to provide for our families and our desire to excel in our chosen professions. 


I started The Everyday Triathlete, because I wanted to help others see that there is a way that they too can do it –be a competitive triathlete, loving spouse, caring parent and productive employee.  I understand each athlete is different and needs to be treated that way – your goals, ability, family and work obligations, how much time you need to properly recover – is unique to your situation.  Working together, I believe that we can get you on your way to creating a reality where you can have it all.