Coach Details

Caryn "CJ" Jaffe

CTJ Multisport

Columbia, MD

[email protected]

In person and internet based coaching
One-on-one and group coaching
Plan based coaching or drop in session coaching

Video swim stroke and run stride evaluation COST $250
Contact Coach CJ for specific methos to videotape the swimmer or runner
Send videos to Coach CJ. In depth evaluation will be done.
Athlete will recive the evaluation as well as 3-5 workouts to help the specific stroke/stride defecits
Athlete will send a second video set to Coach CJ for a follow-up evaluation
Recomendations will be made to the athlete as to how to proceed in training based on video content.

One-on-one Skype Coaching COST: varies

Internet based training plans using Trainingpeaks (group or individual) COST: varies

In-person Coaching

Drop-in sessions
Swim stroke analysis   COST: $65/hour (Discount for groups of 2 or more)
Run stride evaluation   COST: $65/hour (Discount for groups of 2 or more)
Indoor individual bike trainer workout   COST $65/hour (Discount for groups of 2 or more)

Monthly Coaching   COST: varies
Yearly Coaching   COST: varies

Triathlon (all distances and levels)
Running (all distances and levels)
Swimming (all distances and levels: focus on Freestyle stroke)

Swim stroke evaluation
Run form evaluation
Training plans
One-on-one coaching
internet and skype coaching

Coach CJ has about 10 years coaching distance runners and 7 years coaching triathletes from beginners to elite, mile runners - ultradistance runners, sprint triathletes to ironman triathletes. She is a USAT certified Level 1 Coach. She is able to work with all ages and has expereince coaching both children and adults. Coach CJ specializes in swim stroke and run stroke development as well planning training plans.