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Torsten Abel

T3 Triathlon Coaching

San Anselmo , CA

[email protected]



* 2 different levels of 1:1 coaching (triathlon, cycling, running)
* local & remote coaching
* tailored training programs without coaching 
* blood lactate threshold testing 
* consulting 
* group & club coaching 
* cooporate coaching 
* Language: English & German




his dedication, passion, helping athletes to transition to the nex level,  consistent top performances

T3 -transition to the next level

Since 1990 Torsten has been training, racing, coaching and winning with his triathletes. Torsten’s passion, dedication, attention to detail and understanding of the sport has been a winning formula for all his athletes.

By living & traveling around the world for many years as a pro triathlete ,Torsten has gathered invaluable insights into the sport, and beyond. He has trained & lived with the biggest names in triathlon. Torsten has worked with some of the world’s best triathlon coaches. His coaching methods & philosophy are rooted in all these experiences.

Torsten know’s how to train properly and what it takes to transition to the next level in triathlons.

Torsten’s coaching philosophy concentrates on developing a sincere athlete/coach relationship. The training plan is crafted to suit the needs of a broad variety of athletes -beginner to elite- and to provide the tools to excel in triathlons. Torsten also believes in a progressive overload to generate some fatigue, but then allow sufficient enough recovery to absorb the training. The athlete achieve his/her full potential with the correct training load. Too much training and too little recovery can lead quickly to overtraining and subsequently poor performances.

T3 offers much more than just a training program. A sincere and successful athlete/coach relationship creates positive waves that inevitably affect everyone who surround the athlete & coach -like family, friends and co-workers. Age-group athletes require a lot more communication compared to a pro athlete who’s job is to get their training done. Age-group athletes need to fit their training around the rest of their lives.

“When I coach athletes I consider that I work with someone who has a family, friends, a job or business to manage, and I pay tribute to it. Coaching becomes an art because I have to ensure that my athlete maintains a balanced life and enjoys the journey  towards achieving her triathlon goals.”

Torsten coaches triathletes in the San Francisco Bay Area and outside the states. He works with elite triathletes, 70.3 WC & IM Kona qualifiers, World & National champions, AG triathletes, cyclist, runners, triathlon clubs and everyone else who wants to get into and stay in shape.

Coaching success:

*Leanda Cave (2x Winner Escape from Alcatraz, 1st ITU LONG COURS WC, Top 8 IM Kona, 3rd 70.3 WC
*Kelsey Withraw (Winner Santa Cruz Triathlon)
*Mary Robbins 1st OA Amateur 70.3 China 
*Felicity Joyce 2nd AG 70.3 Santa Rosa
*Caleb Porter 3rd AG 70.3 Santa Rosa


OD non-drafting 1:49h [17:30/58/ 32:30min]
ITU (drafting) 1:39h
70.3 3:47h
IM AZ 8:16h
13.1 1:09h
Marathon 2:48h (IM AZ) 2:52h (IM Kona)
56mi 2:03h
112mi 4:31h