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Julie Warrenfeltz

Jacksonville, FL

[email protected]


  • Lactate threshhold testing
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Running form and technique evaluations
  • Swim form and evaluations
  • Bike fitting
  • Program development
  • Nutrition periodization

  • Kids Tri's
  • Sprint Triathlons
  • Olympic Distance Triathlons
  • Half IronMan
  • IronMan

Coming from a large family, in both number and body type, I was pretty much ignored by high school coaches when I was younger.  Instead of fixing my technique issues that could have transformed me into a pretty good athlete, no one bothered to take the time... why bother, I wasn't going to be an exceptional athlete anyway.

So basically, I didn't start running until my late 20's, then I had 3 children fairly close together, and running became the only thing I could do that was quick but effective. 

In 2008, my husband announced he was going to run the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, and then he went out and did it.  Since he was 17 years older than I, I couldn't let that stand.

I hired a coach and signed up for the same marathon for 2009.  I managed to run my first marathon in under 5 hours.  Given that I was running a business, had 3 kids and a husband that traveled a lot, I was happy with it.  The best part was that I managed to complete the training and the marathon without injuring myself.  That's the sign that you have a good coach.

Last summer I decided, after my kids qualified for IronKids National Championship, that it was time to throw my hat into the ring and get a handle on this whole triathlon thing, I successfully finished a Sprint and was hooked.  Now I am training for the Oceanside, CA 70.3 and can't wait to get out there. Next year, I'll run a full IronMan, I just have to decide where.

Because of my involvement with my kids, I became a certified USAT Level-1 coach in January and am one of four coaches for the Jr. Hammerheads in Jacksonville, FL.