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Jim Bruskewitz

Endurance Performance Ltd.

Madison, WI

[email protected]


Endurance Performance is a personalized coaching service that designs training plans for endurance athletes involved in a variety of sports including mostly triathlons, marathons, and cycling time trials. The training plans include very specific workouts organized into four week blocks ("Macros"), training guides that explain the various zones of intensity for the variety of planned workouts, and explanations of those workouts. The fee for the coaching service is $95.00 US per four week training schedule (Macro).

Consistency is the cornerstone of any successful training program. In order for me to put together a training program that you can successfully adhere to, I need to find out your current level of fitness, the kind of training that you have subscribed to in the past, your past and current levels of fitness, your daily schedule with the times that you've set aside for training, the kinds of available equipment with which you can train, your planned competitive events, and your goals.

In many respects, I write time management programs. Given a training schedule that realistically fits with your commitments and abilities, my job is to provide you with a set of workouts that allows for the proper mix of intensities and volume appropriate for the event(s) for which you are training. In order to reach the proper training intensities and volumes prior to goal attainment, I periodize the training plan (i.e. I break the training into phases each preparing you for the next step of fitness improvement.) I mix the workouts (the volumes and intensities) in a way that fits as much smart training into the time available as possible. You progress at a rate that is appropriate for your abilities, your level of fitness, your schedule and your goals.

I keep close track of your total training stimulus. Since I can't be present at your workouts, I have people train with a heart rate monitor. The heart rate training zones are narrow and very specific. Heart rates correspond well with blood lactate levels. Blood lactate levels very accurately measure the % contribution of the aerobic and anaerobic energy delivered to sustain a level of exertion. The workouts each have a specific goal, a specific aerobic-anaerobic mix. With specific amounts of time spent at specific training intensities, I have an excellent way of measuring out the training dose from a distance. In this way, I can carefully increase the training stimulus to promote consistency by avoiding the "boom and bust" training cycle that many athletes find themselves in. You can be sure that the training intensities are appropriate for your planned performances.

Since I deal with individuals, I need to make adjustments from time to time as schedules change and goals are altered. I converse with athletes over the phone, fax, and e-mail depending on their needs. Often my clients have questions or concerns that we discuss. Typically athletes are hungry for information on equipment, race strategies, race pace, and race management (refueling and hydrating.)

The workouts are pre-tested. I dont prescribe a workout that I havent tried and that hasnt delivered the desired results. Raw talent helps but it isnt enough. Doing the right workouts at the right time makes all the difference.

  • triathlon
  • marathons
  • road cycling
  • Time Trials

Jim Bruskewitz MS founded Endurance Performance Ltd. in 1992 to provide physiological testing and specific training programs for endurance athletes. Jim received his Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He retired after 15 years as a Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the Kinesiology Department. He also developed and coached a water running and Master's swimming program for the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Sports Medicine facility.

  • Two time World Triathlon Age-Group Champion
  • Seven time Triathlon National Age Group Champion
  • Second Place Age Group Ironman World Championships-Kona
  • Ironman Wisconsin, Wildflower Triathlon, and Muncie Endurathon Age Group Course Records set