Coach Details

Brian Stover
Accelerate 3 Coaching
Tucson, AZ
Custom designed training schedules that produce results. Unlimited email, phone and text communication. Power file analysis and power race planning.  On deck swim stroke analysis for AZ based athletes.
There are two types of triathletes I specialize in.  The first type are those that are performance and results oriented, aiming to be a regional force overall or in their age group. The second group are triathletes who have stagnated under their previous coach and are looking for a change in direction.

I specialize in short course to long course triathletes and duathletes.
I have been a triathlon coach for 15 years. My degree is a BS in Exercise Science from East Carolina University. My first coaching position was right out of college, coaching age group swimmers, where I trained several top 10 nationally ranked swimmers.  Shortly after that I started coaching triathletes and have been coaching athletes ever since. I've also coached cyclists, runners and ultra runners giving me an extensive coaching background in endurance sports.