Coach Details

Janda Ricci-Munn

JRM Sport Specific Training Services

Gloucester, MA

[email protected]

Individualized training service plans including:
  • Training Schedule
  • Email and Phone Correspondence
  • Power, Heart Rate and/or Garmin GPS File Analysis
  • Video Based Biomechanical Analysis
  • Training Clinics & Weekly Group Workouts
  • Sport Specific Strength Training Program
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Metabolic Testing (VO2 max /Maximal Lactate Steady State/Metabolic Analysis)
  • Private Training Sessions
  • Race Schedule Determination
  • Race Day Strategy & Tactical Plan

Janda provides training services for Triathlon, Cycling and Running. The cornerstone of Jandas coaching operation is communication; he believes that in order for training to be successful, it must be individualized.  Individualizing an athletes training entails much more than simply prescribing personalized training zones and workouts; it is the end product of an open and honest line of communication between each athlete and coach.  By establishing a close working relationship with every athlete that Janda and his coaching staff work with, they are able to attain and maintain a clear understanding of each athletes needs, limitations and competitive objectives and tailor training programs and progressions accordingly.

Janda Ricci-Munn is an elite level multisport coach who specializes in the training of endurance athletes. Over the course of his extensive coaching career, Janda has helped hundreds of individuals from a wide variety of sports to attain success at the local, regional, national and international levels. Janda possesses the unique combination of over 25 years of in the trenches athletic experience and an in-depth understanding of sports science.  His innovative use of scientific based testing and training techniques, coupled with his personalized approach to coaching has netted world-class results and notable headlines.