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Ron Sciepko

TriCoach Carolina

Waxhaw, NC

[email protected]


Coach Ron begins with a phone or in-person interview along with a detailed Athlete Bio Form to build a personalized training plan from the ground up. The athlete's overall plan is then created and broken down into cycles to take the athlete from day one through the goal race and beyond.

After the initial consultation, every athlete receives a Training Peaks membership, where all workouts are posted and results logged. Coach Ron posts weekly workouts for each individual athlete and reviews workout results daily. This allows Coach Ron to make on the fly adjustments as needed.

There is no limit to athlete-initiated phone calls or emails. Coach Ron also conducts bi-weekly phone and email consultations with each individual athlete to have the ability to fine-tune training even further.

Key Components of TriCoach Carolina Personalized Coaching

-Optimal for athletes of all levels seeking the most personal coaching program on the market
-Improve overall fitness and results in your next endurance event
-Daily review of workout results, heart rate and power files
-Weekly modifications to athlete schedule based on feedback
-Nutritional analysis
-Strength Training and Core Workouts
-Individualized race preparation and consultation
-Training Peaks membership

An experienced triathlete, I completed 6 Ironman races, qualified for USAT Nationals and am a certified USAT Coach. Much of my coaching philosophy comes from personal experience and working with my own coach who has raced professionally and qualified many athletes for Kona and Clearwater.

Having a young family of my own, I know the challenges of trying to find balance between the demands of life while maximizing time to train.

My role is to help guide you by developing a schedule that prioritizes workouts while making training time as efficient and fun as possible. I work with athletes of all levels and distances who are excited to learn more about triathlon and committed to reaching their potential given their particular life situation.