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Joe Sulak

Peak Fitness

Helotes, TX

[email protected]


  • Online coaching for triathletes, runners and cyclists
  • VO2 testing
  • Metabolic testing, resting metabolic rate
  • Bike fit
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Swim stroke analysis
  • Running form analysis
  • Personal training
  • Spin scan, pedal stroke efficiency
  • Computrainer workouts 

  • Ironman
  • Ultra endurance events
  • marathon
  • bike racing - road and mtb
  • Triathlon
  • Strength and Conditioning

Joe Sulak 
Owner, Exercise Physiologist, Human Performance Specialist
Joe Sulak is a full time Human Performance Specialist. He has been immersed in the fitness industry since 1997. After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, he has worked with high-risk health issues in a hospital based facility as well as coached beginner through elite level athletes.

He specializes in human performance with a focus on helping individuals find their way to a healthy and balanced life. From ultra-marathon strength and endurance to simple and easy to follow nutritional programs, Joe thrives on helping others reach their goals.

Joe has coached athletes from the first-time triathlon to Ironman, 5K to a personal best Marathon, Ultra-Runners, weekend road warrior to competitive cyclist. He takes a special interest in his athletes and their performance in an effort to create an athlete who is strong yet well balanced. He believes that nutrition is a large part of success and helps every athlete find what work best for them.