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Alex Corredor

USAT PERFORMANCE CENTER at Tri on the Run Fitness Center

Houston, TX

[email protected]

Orientation for Sprint , Olympic and 1/2 Ironman is on January 8 th at noon. This will be at our Fitness Center.
Olympic Program begins January 9 th
Sprint and 1/2 Ironman begins on January 15 th.

12 week    GROUP training program

Wednesday or Thursday Core & Spin Class at Fitness Center
Saturday Swim group workout. Saturday Group Run
Sunday group Bike ride
Seminars: Nutrition, Bike Mechanic, Transition
16 week training Schedule emailed to trainee
Unlimited communication by email or phone
10% discount at Tri On The Run
10% discount at On The Run
15% discount on all Fitness Center Services
(includes VO2 Testing, RMR Testing, Nutritional Analysis, Gait Analysis or Bike Fitting)
Training Program T-shirt
Training Mesh Bag


is available at Tri on the Run Fitness Center.

This program is for the BEGINNER and  EXPERIENCED Triathlete looking to race in  triathlons. It is geared to athletes who have moderate experience in running, swimming and biking. It includes detailed day by day workouts, clinics, weekly bike/brick class and group workouts.

-Lonstar 1/2 IRONMAN 2008 and 2009
-Ironstar 1/2 IRONMAN 2008
-Houston Marathon 2008 and 2009
-Contact me at [email protected]