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Leonardo Silva

Rock & Ride coaching

La Crosse, WI

[email protected]


  • periodic performance testing
  • three different training packages:
    • Sport: monthly blocks of training plans w/ minimun feeedback
    • Elite: weekly blocks of training plan w/ limited workout feedback
    • Pro: the works! annual training plan, daily workout feedback, periodic performance testing, TrainingPeaks account included
  • yearly athlete performance assesment

  • race day preparation
  • performance testing
  • couch to 5K running programs
  • half marathon plans
  • sprint, olympic, and 1/2 ironman training plans
  • beginner and top age groupers 

Rock & Ride coaching does not function by copying and pasting workouts from athlete to athlete. It's also not about plugging athletes into an equation then seeing what pops out.  Leo believes in recognizing individual's strengths and building upon them. After all, it's about identifying your weaknesses and overcoming those challenges that drives triathletes to hire a coach. Through years of experience in the sport, and coaching credentials from USAT and USA cycling, Leo is dedicated to helping you achieve your athletic goals regardless of what the "formula" might be. Examples of individualized training programs are his personalized Computrainer workouts, running drills, form and pace setting and customized swim sets.