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Carla Weier

Compleat Fitness

Marina del Rey, CA

[email protected]

My programs are dedicated to coaching triathles to accomplish their athletic goals while managing a balanced life of training, work, family, and other interests. My focus is primarily on real world athletes, often people new to endurance sports.

As with all my services, as a triathlete or endurance athlete you will receive a personalized training program to fit your schedule and lifestyle needs. My programs are designed to help you train effectively, efficiently, and safely to improve your fitness and performance.

Athletes choose Compleat Fitness for the one-on-one personal service and devotion to the whole person, not just the athlete within.  I believe an athlete should be able to talk to their coach whenever needed and should meet at least once a week so appropriate monitoring and adjusting of training can be made.  Because I work exclusively with local (Williamsburg area) athletes I am able to guide you through every aspect of triathlon, often attending races with you.

It all begins with:

  • An in person consultation upon completion of a detailed questionnaire to review your experience, background and general goals.
  • Completion of a food log and discussion of dietary changes you can make now.
  • Review of your lifestyle and how triathlon fits.
  • Assessments that may include posture, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and body composition.
  • With all this information we set short and long-term goals regarding lifestyle, diet, energy, overall health and fitness, strength, and competition.

What training looks like:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly in-person training often utilizing a gym.
  • Regular nutrition discussions during training sessions.
  • Detailed, periodized, custom on line training plan with daily workouts through a complimentary training peaks account.
  • Mobile access to your plan via the training peaks app.
  • Entry to a private swimming pool for our in-person swim training sessions.
  • Field tests to benchmark progress and set individualized training zones.
  • Unlimited email and phone access.

If you are looking for programming and coaching with weekly one-on-one in person consultation that will take you through your training, nutrition and lifestyle challenges contact me.

Sprint to half-Ironman distance Triathlon, 5k to marathon road races, injury prevention, corrective exercise, in home personal training, strength training, weight loss, post-natal exercise, lifestyle coaching, and nutrition counseling.

I have been racing and coaching since 2005 and work with all fitness levels. I create personal training plans for a wide range of goals including; losing weight, completing your first triathlon or marathon, racing at the elite level or achieving a greater level of health and wellness.  I have coached many individuals to personal bests in running events and triathlons focusing on the complete athlete. None of my programs are prepackaged, as each athletes unique makeup and life schedule must be considered in creating a training plan.
USAT level 1 Coach
RRCA Running Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Holistic Health Counselor
BS Social Science