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Kimberly Chace

Northlake, TX

[email protected]


Stroke technique for all stages.Drills for open water events.Conditioning to enhance your swim success.I'll be your cheerleader and your trainer...if I think you need some extra pushing...got that covered-after all,this is about YOU..I am here to get you where you want to be.

Master swimming and triathlons.Teaching the novice to swim and teaching the swimmer to become better/stronger/faster.I train male/female and the 18 yr old who wants to further his/her swimming after High School..I coach High Schoolers,too.

I have been in Aquatics for 35 yrs++ My specialty in the last 15 yrs has largely focused on adult instruction and coaching adults.I have a Masters Swim Coach background and recently returned to the DFW area .I have started many Masters/Tri teams  to which all have been successful.I am passionate about swimming and have had my Water Safety Instructor since 1975.Check me out on Linked-In.I have a great method (s) of teaching open water swimmers and novice swimmers-teaching adults is more difficult because you HAVE to get into their heads and embrace each individual's goals.I am non-convention in the fact I have implemented techniques and drills to further the swimmer's success.I swim myself so I am not a "on the deck" kind of coach-I strongly believe a coach has to be in the pool to help his/her client master the drills/strokes.I also am a strong advocate for ,"conditioning" the athlete in ways he/she never thought possible in order to increase strength/stamina.I will step out of the proverbial box and exhaust all avenues to make you get this sport down
                           I have been a "swim leg" coach for many triatletes and have had a hard time getting a team together since I have been back to the area.I focus on one on one training and will tell you straight up-IF THIS IS YOUR GOAL...YOU DEFINITELY NEED A COACH AND GUIDANCE TO HELP YOU .As a lifeguard,I have pulled my novice tri's from the water during events.I have had to reprogram the athlete that tried to achieve this goal without help-only to wash out and feel as if ,"it will never become a reality".I got your back and I'll get your toes in the water to kick some butt in your event.I'll be truthful and sincere!Your dream is my dream and together....all others watch out!