Coach Details

Christopher Andrus

My Coach Chris, LLC

Dunwoody, GA

Annual plan development, Monthly Training Schedule, Track Practice (weekly speedwork session) sub-max Herat rate testing to determine training zones, bike fit, power analysis, off season indoor cycling training, and swim/bike/ run form and technique analysis

My areas of coaching in which I have developed specific expertise is long course triathlon (Ironman) and cycling. Cycling includes Heart Rate testing, bike fit, training with power, and time trialing

Coach Chris Andrus is an Expert Level" cycling coach (U.S.A Cycling), Level II Certified Triathlon Coach (USA Triathlon), Running Coach (USA Track & Field Level I), a Personal Trainer (ACE), a competitive cyclist / triathlete, and an Ironman finisher. I coach all three sports of triathlon individually as well as combined. I coach runners, draft legal bike racers, time trialists and beginners. I coach a weekly open water swim session in addition to technique oriented pool sessions. I consider each athletes lifestyle and goals and combine into a program that will meet their objectives but still have fun in both training and competition. I believe that racing is the strongest motivator to maintaining a training schedule. Whether one is an overweight beginner training to run his or her first 5k, a cyclist trying to develop speed, or an experienced triathlete training to complete an iron distance event, event/race/goal specific training is the cornerstone of my coaching approach.