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Tristen Rogers

Mile High Multisport

Denver, CO

[email protected]


Running:  good form clinics and shoe analysis
Swimming: good form clinics, video analysis
Biking:  gearing clinics,

Prefer to use RPE (rate of perceived exertion) for workouts, but also incorporate heart rate, cadence into training as means of producing specific results.

I have coached the first-time triathlete, all the way to Ironman finisher.  I also specialize in running, and have trained several athletes to PR's in 10k distance, to qualifying for the Boston marathon.

Coach Tristen resides in Denver, Colorado and has been involved in competitive sports since she was a little girl.  Tristen grew up as a field hockey, soccer and competitive downhill ski racer, moving to Colorado to pursue her passion for ski racing on the US Ski Development Team.  Several ACL tears later, Tristen shifted her focus towards endurance sports, and has been competing in marathons and long distance triathlons for the past 7 years.

Tristen competed in her first triathlon in 2005, participating in the Danskin Women’s Triathlon.  The challenge of three disciplines and the urge to become better had her hooked and she later took on the longer distances of Olympic and 70.3 races.  Tristen was sidelined from competing in her first full iron distance last August when she was struck by a car on her bike, but is back in the saddle and training once again for a comeback to Ironman in 2013.

Running has been the predominant discipline in the last 5 years of her endurance background, participating in five marathons, including the Boston marathon in 2011. One of the fun aspects of racing for Tristen, is being able to see new places, and experience them in an active setting.  One of her favorite experiences has been to participate in the Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco and making the 1.5 mile swim from the Rock to the Bay.

Tristen has built her life and career around sport, attending the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and graduating with a Bachelor of Science and concentration in coaching.  She moved to Denver and immediately started her career as a Physical Education teacher and quickly obtained her Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and is currently the Athletic Director at Hinkley High School in Aurora.  Coaching has always been a passion, and she truly enjoys helping others reach their full potential and personal bests.

Contact Info: [email protected]