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Johnny Zepeda

Johnny Z's Powerhouse Racing

Pearland, TX

[email protected]


Purely Custom Fit Bike
Stance Width Fit
Run Gait Analysis
Suspension Training
Personal Strength Training
Yoga for endurance Athletes

Long course and short course triathlons.
Running half marathons and full marathons.

We have noticed that our sports endurance community is growing but still very under served.  The owners of Powerhouse Racing have a vision that would change the way people think about their training and deliver the concepts that would help build a complete athlete.  One thing that needs to change is the way age group athletes think about their goals and the path they choose to achieve their best.  We will help you believe in yourself and help you invision your greatest achievements.
Johnny is an experienced triathlete, runner, coach, bike fitter AND a retired Msgt from the Texas Air National Guard. He has been working with athletes since 2002. Some of his many accomplishments include: completing 3 Ironman distance triathlons, his best being a 10:07:00 in Ironman Florida.  His best 70.3 time is 4:38:36.   He has completed thousands of bike fits and was one of the first F.I.S.T. bike fitters in the Greater Houston Area.
Johnny’s dream has always been to support the community in which he lives. By opening Johnny Z’s Powerhouse Racing, he looks forward to working with the local athletes and to be able to give back to the sport he loves.