Coach Details

Brian Crow


Gainesville, VA

Adult Training Options: Hour sessions range from 75 to 60 according to sessions purchased. 1/2 Hour sessions range from 55 to 40 according to sessions purchased. Youth Training: Hour sessions range from 65 to 50 according to sessions purchased. 1/2 Hour sessions range from 45 to 30 according to sessions purchased. Online Coaching Plans are 100 a month. Swimming Lessons, Bike Lessons, and Running Lessons are charge per hour/half hour as per the Training Rates above.

Swim Form, Bike Fit, Time Trialing, Running form, Strength Training, Weight Loss, All Distances from Sprints to Ironman.

Brian has over 15 years experience coaching athletes in triathlons and general fitness. He holds a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and is certified by Coopers Aerobic Institute of Dallas Biomechanics of Strength Training, Coopers Aerobic Institute of Dallas Providing Dietary Guidance , Cycle Reebok Spinning Instructor, AAPHRED Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, NASM Certified Trainer, USA Triathlon Coach, and is a Certified Heart Rate Training Specialist. Brian has also been sponsored by Amino Vital Since 2004-2008, and by Cavalier Logistics in 2007. He brings a positive and fun attitude to those he coaches and trains. Proper technique, a well planned exercise program and a strong desire to be the best are paramount in reaching maximum results.