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Peter Priolo

Go Farther Sports

Staten Island, NY

[email protected]


A quarter century of intense training and gruelling races, and after all of these miles I did, I still have the legs of a 20 year old.

The trick is longevity. How to successfully train to be your best while building in the proper recovery periods to allow your body to heal to a state that was better than before. I've done and am still doing extensive research on finding the best methods for my athletes so that they can race competitively to age 95 and beyond.

The right coach will not start you hard from the beginning. I make sure that each athlete builds a proper base before we ramp up the intensity. An athlete with the perfect base will train harder, recover quicker, and be less prone to injury.

Prices are possibly the lowest in the area - $80-$100 per month for triathletes, $60-$80 per month for running up to marathon distance, $100 per month for ultramarathon training. Please see details on my website.

Triathlon Coaching from beginner to advanced training, from sprint races to Ironman distance races and beyond.

Distance Running - from 10k to marathons to 100 mile ultramarathon races. Special care is used in ultramarathon training to minimize injury.

Free services below...a good time to see me in person first before you decide:

Wednesday Night Trail Runs from Willowbrook Park (7PM). Headlamp is mandatory. With limited visibility, these runs will improve your balance and economy of your runs. A more efficient run style is a faster one.

Saturday Night Trail Runs from High Rock Park - can be anywhere from 5 miles up to 20 miles in the Greenbelt.

Monthly "races" from Great Kills Park - duathlon and running in spring, triathlon in summer. Good for measuring improvement in your fitness from month to month. Can also practice your transitions.

25 years of competition, coaching and research, designed to help people bring out the best in themselves while minimizing injury.

Six Time Ironman finisher - best time 10:36:37. Two Time Vermont 100 Ultramarathon finisher - best time 21:24:21. Half Ironman best time of 4:20:10.

Will be attempting the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in 2013 (Grand Slam consists of four 100 mile races within a 10 week period; Western States 100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and Wasatch Front 100).