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Scott Beesley

Soles Inspired: Beyond Multi-sport

Grass Valley, CA

[email protected]


Interactive Personal Coaching
Customized training plan will be updated weekly based on biofeedback (heart rate, splits, power meter data, etc) gathered during the prior week's sessions. Includes unlimited phone and email contact to discuss progress, work through issues, and discuss race strategy. Assistance with strength training and nutrition also provided. Regular one-on-one coaching sessions deeply discounted. Available for a monthly fee that varies for triathlon, marathon, and adventure racing.

1:1 Sessions

Provide one on one services such as run and swim technique, yoga and functional strength training for local California triathletes in Nevada County. Bike fit service also available at our Grass Valley cycling facility. 

Our clients fit in to one of three categories:

1)  Performance Seekers:  You've been around for a while and the off-the-shelf free plans on line don't serve you anymore.  We get it.  We can make you faster.

2)  Time Managers:  You have demanding job, a significant other that likes to see you (not wearing spandex) and kids that want you home sometimes.  We get it.  We help cut through the information overload and deliver the training you need without further overload your schedule.

3)  Performance Imbalance:  You are challenged by one discipline or with a physical issue in your body.  Maybe you have a single sport background (i.e. you grew up a swimmer or runner) and have crossed over to triathlon.  Or, you have an imbalance in your body (in the past we have worked with everything from minor aches and pains to frozen shoulder and paraplegic athletes).  We help athletes work around these imbalances and get them to the finish line healthier.  

My belief is that success in triathlon is based on three things:
1) Being in a supportive environment.  This includes your work and home life.
2) Genetics.  You have them or your don't.
3) Training continuously year round, year after year.

more details at www.solesinspired.com and free tips at www.youtube.com/solesinspired and www.facebook.com/solesinspired

It is the third factor that drives my evidence-based training plans, which keep athletes healthy while producing results.  The accomplishment range far and wide, from 100+ first-time triathlon finishes to countless PRs, 20+ first-time podium appearances, 4 first-time USAT National Championship qualifications, one first-time ITU World Championship qualification, 2 first-time Boston Marathon qualifiers, and one top 5 USA Para-cycling National Championship Finish.  In 2012 and 2013 our athletes missed zero races due to overuse injury.

As an athlete, my path has been an interesting one going from a vegetarian body builder in the 1990's to a vegan triathlete in the early 2000's.  I have raced every distance from sprint to Ironman and have over ten career podiums to my credit.