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Linnea Alvord

True Grit Training

Portland, OR

[email protected]


True Grit Training

  • Highly individualized, periodization-based training schedules created weekly with a focus on adjusting frequency, duration and volume.

  • My coaching program also includes weekly conference calls, unlimited contact via telephone, in-person coaching sessions, training camps and more.

  • Season/ Race Planning 
  • Long course triathlon (Half Ironman, Ironman) 
  • Periodized training
  • Training and Racing Nutrition
  • Race Strategy, Planning and Execution

  • Multiple World Championship competitor at all triathlon distances as well as USA Triathlon All-American. My objective is to enable you to race faster, perform better and make progress toward your goals.
  • This may be to complete your first Half Ironman, run the entire marathon at Ironman, improve in a single discipline or just have a great time on race day.
  • Everyone starts with unique goals and skills; helping you achieve those and more is what drives our partnership. True Grit Training has a strong, proven training protocol including a focus on technical areas like training with power.
  • If youre looking to go faster at your next triathlon or have more fun doing it, Im here to help you achieve that and more. Achievable and effective programs, taking your goals and real-life schedule into account.
  • See my website for further information.