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Toro Loco Challenge Arizona

Race Details

Leisurely Longhorn

: 5K fun for everyone including the kiddos and hounds!

Raging Bull

: 10K difficult course and obstacles for the competitive athlete.
Race Date: Saturday, April 7, 2012
Start Time: 8:00 am
Entry Fee: $45 until 1/1/12, $55 1/1/12-2/29/12, $65 3/1/12 until the event.
Location: TLC Field
Address: 20040 S. Norma Road
City/State/Zip: Eloy, Arizona 85231
Country: USA
Race Website:

Two Races in One Challenge..Just $45 Bucks before January 1st!

The Toro Loco Challenge is part mud run, obstacle course, adventure race, and festival all rolled into one heck of a good time. Try the 5K Leisurely Longhorn if you want to walk or jog with the kids and dogs and make new friends. Try the 5K or 10K Raging Bull if youre a competitive athlete and want a better be more than a warrior for this course! We've added some great new obstacles that are actually FUN! Were about lots of smiles, amazing mariachi, donating a few bucks to our four-legged friends, and sharing a heck of an experience with friends new and old. Bottom line? Were More Fun! And remember, BRING YOUR DOGS!

Course Information:

The Course(s)


We line up the masses for both the Raging Bull and the Leisurely Longhorn and release the herd at the same time from our starting gate. Run like crazy or  saunter off the starting line.either way, youre going to have one heck of a good time. The obstacles in no particular order are:

I Walk the Line

For the Raging Bull crowd, be ready for a moving tight-rope with a very lose hand line to keep you from cracking your horns. If you have to grab the hand line for balance, youre going to get covered with neon pink dye that wont wash off for months. Make it count amigos.make it count. Move fast or youre going down.

For the Leisurely Longhorns, expect inflatable tubes that welcome a leisurely pace and miles of smiles. If you fall off, just jump back onno harm no foul.

Hay Hill

The Raging  crowd better be ready to leap for all the marbles.this isnt  your average dash walk ups here. If you miss a jump, youre going for a tumble.

Longhorns may have to slow it down a bit, but youll still have time to talk to your fellow competitors and maybe exchange a phone number or two.

Mazus Maximus

All contestants use the same maze entrances, but theres a catch. If youre a Raging Bull, youre going to be on your belly and feeling your way to freedom.choose wrong and youre going to be there for awhile.  For you Longhorns, take your time and mosey aroundyoull get out eventuallywere working on a huge maze through the field.well keep you posted.


The over under is the same challenge for both courses.with a hitch, of course. For the Raging Bulls, you will be climbing over and under log poles stacked high and low above a mud trough. The Longhorns can expect a series of nice soft inflatable tubes that are comfy enough that you may want to recline and chat with that your new friends from Hay Hill.

Frenetic Kinetic

Time to get the blood pumping again you slackers. For the Raging Bulls you need to team up with another bull and run the course as a human trike .The Longhorns have  it a bit easierjust hop on and enjoy the ride no one is going to be coming for ya! Just enjoy the smooth graded oval while ogling at the mayhem happening on the Raging Bull course just a few feet away.

Texas Toothpick

Time for a little teamwork boys and girls. 25 foot toothpicks await.12 people on each side grabbing hands underneath to carry it around a short course.thats right.time to hold sweaty, muddy hands and work as a team. Heres the catch. The raging bull overachievers are carrying a 25 foot-long, 14 diameter, 400 pound telephone pole. Good luck with that.what could go wrong? The Longhorn crowd will be carrying a greased inflatable tube. You may need to hold on a bit tighter but you wont feel it when you drop it on your flip-flop.

Cow-paddy Discus

OK.this one didnt go over so well so were working on a few other obstacles. Drop us a line if there is something youd like to see!

Dash to the Finish Line Extravaganza

Youve got 2K to sprint flat out or mosey with your new-found friends until you get to the finish line mayhem.

Shoot the Moon

Climb your way to the launching pad. The Raging Bulls will climb an inverted cargo net also known as a Jacobs Ladder. You may fall and bounce around a bit on the padded landing pad, but youll have to start again at the bottom, so give it your best shot the first time.

The Longhorn crowd will climb a set of safe and sane steps, chatting up the crowd and taking in the view.

Jump Up and Boogey Down

Time for the fun part. One side has a series of zip lines that get you up to speed and the heart a pumpin. You will drop into a pool at the bottom and the entire trip is padded and safe below in case you get too excited and forget to hold on. For the more sane of the bunch, weve got a 40 foot water-slide into the pool below.belly first , on your back.up to you, but youll be flyin when you get to the bottom so remember to breathe out as you screech with joy. The zip-line is going to be twice as high and twice as long and the slide will actually let you SLIDE, rather than just scoot and roll to the bottom like the first race! Ooops.

Balance Beam You in the Noggin

OK. So you made it to the bottom and have waded out of the 3 deep pool. Now comes the fun part. Youre tired, ready for a break, and all the fans are watching you. So what do you do. The Longhorn course has a series of cow paddies leading across the mud pit. Run like crazy or smooth and steady.its up to you. Chances are youre going in to the mud pit. Youre almost done, so youve got nothing to lose!

As for the Raging Bulls, youve got it a little tougher. You are going to be jumping from cow paddy to cow paddy (Cowpaddy you say? If we had to explain, you just wouldnt understand.) Some are attached to terra firma, some are floating, and some have a mind of their own. If that isnt enough, youve got raging bulls swinging side to side to knock you down a notch or two on the ego scale. Go slow and youre going down. Nows the time to run like you mean it.

The Gauntlet

Frankly, its none of your business (but its gonna involve water balloons and spectators FYI). This is a surprise. We change it every race. Its super fun and wont hurt (unless you sprain a smile muscle). If you dont have a great time at this obstacle, well give you a puppy and a few sessions with a life coach.

Cry Me a River

You wanted to get muddy so heres your chance. Both courses have to got through the mud trudge. Come onits good for your complexion and your hound will love you for it.

Finish Line

OK you made it. Were all muddy and happy and giggling like kids. This is when you raise your hands and holler like youre happy to be alive. Its also when were taking your picture, so make it count for the camera.

Photo Finish

Unlike some of the other knuckleheads that charge an arm and a horn for your photos online a few weeks after the event, well upload a bunch of photos the week after the race for you to share, save, and print as you wish. We hope to have instant photos available for purchase at the event in a special area as a way to make a few bucks for an additional charity.

Wash n Dry Station

We know, we know. You want pics of you covered with mud, shiny white teeth a blazin in the sun. But then what? Our wash stations will get you clean as a whistle and ready to relax and have a beverage or two and tell lots of lies about the days trials and tribulations. Maybe say hi to that special someone you saw at the Texas Toothpick or Trike race. Its no fun to be muddy and wet, so after your power wash, towel off and get to the grub! No running back to the car. Relax. Enjoy world class mariachi music, face painting, great healthy food, great unhealthy food, boys, girls, dogs, kids, family and friends new and old.


A short drive from Phoenix or Tucson, the course at TLC Field is surrounded by beautiful vistas of Picacho Peak and Newman Peak and its pretty lush by Arizona standards! The Toro Loco Challenge winds its way through fields of green just as things start cooling off in the desert. Have some fun, make a few friends, and start getting in shape for the cool Fall weather to come!

From Phoenix: Drive South on I-10. Exit 208 in Picacho. Make a right onto Sunshine Road. Drive Southish on Sunshine for about 1 1/2 Miles. Turn left on Harmon Road and follow the orange banners and signs!

From Tucson: Drive North on I-10. Exit 212 in Picacho. Make a left under the freeway and head South along Picacho Highway (2 lane road) for about 1 1/2 Miles. Turn right on Harmon Road and follow the huge orange banners and signs!

Other Info:
Proceeds benefit the Humane Society of America, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and other organizations that help our four-legged friends.
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