Cyclist left dead while competing in 10-mile time trial, Derbyshire

Cyclist left dead while competing in a 10-mile time trial race in Derbyshire

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John Stewart, a 72-year old cyclist, was left dead after collision with a passing van. The rider was competing in the 10-mile time trial event in Derbyshire when he found himself struck by a van.

This tragic event took place in the South Pennine Road Club time trial competition back on Thursday. Steward was racing on the A50 dual carriageway when a passing vehicle struck him from behind leaving him dead.


The reasons why Steward was unable to survive the crash which left him dead at the scene, was due to the nature of collision which caused him several fatal injuries. According to the police, the accident took place at around 8 pm on Thursday evening and despite the fact the help arrived within minutes; it was too late for the rider to stay alive.


The A50 section where the accident took place, between Hilton and Dove Velly, is occasionally being used for cycling time trial courses due to the route’s shape and longevity.



Dangerous route


Back in 2014, its local residents launched a petition with the main intention to prevent cyclists to use this road for races due to the high level of risk.


Residents took also into consideration a 2011 tragic event which left cyclist Karl Austin dead. He was competing in South Pennine Road Club time trial race when a passing car hit him from behind. Just like Steward, Austin died at the scene.


Unfortunately, the petition was not a success.


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