Rules of setting realistic fitness goals that you can follow

Rules of setting realistic fitness goals that you can follow

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Having great inspirations in life is not a bad thing at all! By dreaming big, chances for you to achieve and work for what you want are higher. But, unfortunately, when it comes to your body goals, it’s best for you to start increasing your expectations with time.


One of the most common mistakes people, especially women make is getting themselves involved in irrational and unrealistic body expectations when they start working on their physical appearance.


You see, expecting things that are simply impossible to be made in a short period of time, is what makes people give up from their new physical commitment. Start small! Is always a good idea to know what you can really have and what can be only achieved through time and hard work. Keep in mind that without a realistic plan and also a smart goal, your work is likely to produce nothing worthy before its time you will lose interest and give up.


That is why, we’ve brought for you today, a simple, yet super-efficient and effective list of realistic goals and orientations for you to create a better idea for your next move. Reading the below-mentioned tips will help you slowly progress in the right way without making you lose hope when seeing not a single result.



Know when to stop and when to work hard


Try to always be mindful of your body’s condition, feelings and changes. It’s extremely important to know when to take your workout routine more slowly and let your body rest and when to push hard. If you experience difficulties in breathing and find yourself exhausted since the first few minutes of working out, maybe it’s time to take it more slowly. Give your body a break once in a while and get enough sleep.



Eat smart


There is not a fitness coach that will advise to give up from your meals or certain, healthy and rich foods. Remember: You need to eat! And sometimes, even more than you used to since you’re now working hard on building muscles which require more energy and protein sources in order to properly function. Skipping meals, especially breakfast and lunch, is wrong! Skipping certain unhealthy and processed food products doesn’t mean you need to give up from eating enough. Remember that sugar, fat, carbs, etc. are all essential elements for our body to properly function and stay healthy. Choosing natural products to get these elements from is a smart thing to do.



Make fitness part of your lifestyle


If you really suffer from the lack of motivation, then, don’t worry. There are certain habits you can incorporate into your daily routine that can really boost your motivation levels. One thing you can do is purchasing the right fitness clothes that will not only make your fitness routine much easier, but will also make you look good and professional.

Having a specific outfit means you’re taking this new commitment seriously and your appearance will act as a motivator especially when working out in public.



Choose the right one


Last but not least, know what type of physical activity you want to start. Try to choose an activity you know you’ll certainly enjoy and that will make you have fun while doing it. Don’t go after exercise routines that you hate if you don’t want to lose interest since the beginning of your fitness journey. Especially if you have plenty of work to do before achieving your body goal…



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