(VIDEO): Jonathan Brownlee carries his bike after crashing in Yokohama

(VIDEO): Jonathan Brownlee carries his bike after crashing in Yokohama World Series triathlon



Olympic silver medalist was forced to carry his bike after crashing over safety barrier at the Yokohama World Series Triathlon event. His lack of luck was obvious enough to let him frustrated and sad. Especially about not being able to finish this race the way he had planned to.


This was his first triathlon competition since collapsing at World Series finals last year (eight months ago) in Mexico where his older brother, Alistair had to carry him over the line…


Brownlee’s crash moment happened when he was trying to pass another rider on the technical part leading him to crash over the safety barrier. He then was forced to carry his bike for more than one kilometer before arriving to the real running course. Brownlee finished the race in the 42nd place. Even though he was doing great during the riding course being fourth.



Brownlee’s reaction


Brownlee added: “My first reaction was to get back on the bike, get back riding. But then I got to my bike and the handlebars were pointing in the wrong direction and I couldn’t move it. I still wanted to run – I had not come all the way to Japan not to finish.”


American Kirsten Kasper went for the bronze medal overpassing during the 10-kilometre running course the Nottingham-boy Coldwell, 22, who was doing great but was unable to go for the third medal.


Both, women’s and men’s elite races were won by Flora Duffy from Bermuda and Mario Mola from Spain.


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