Latest study reveals cycling to work reduces cancer risk by 45 percent!

Latest study reveals cycling to work reduces cancer risk by 45 percent!



All scientists agree when it comes to the many benefits cycling brings to our health. Cycling to work is the number one activity to show such significant healthy features. Especially when compared to any other transportation method!


This latest five-year study by the University of Glasgow has finally concluded the questions regarding cycling-to-work benefits. This study which used around 205,000 UK citizens, indicated some interesting data. This after they analyzed the usage of the two-wheeled object in reducing cancer, heart disease and obesity.



Study concrete conclusions


Yesterday (April 20, 2017) was the first time this research’s data was first published in the BMJ. It concluded that people that had a typically sedentary lifestyle had around 45 percent more chances to suffer in their near or long future from cancer or heart disease!


According to the university, the data they collected by almost 265,000 normal, middle-class people living in UK was crystal clear. They analyzed their lifestyle, activity, the transportation method they used to go to work and other details of their life for five years in a row. During this period of time, all cases of cancer, heart attacks and deaths were carefully analyzed. The final result of these cases was quite interesting….


According to Jason Gill, working in the university’s Institute of Cardiovascular Medical Sciences, people that were using cycling as their primarily transportation method to go to work, had a significantly lower risk of adverse health results.


More specifically, according to him, the ones suing bikes to move around and go to work each morning and return back home using the same transportation method had more than 44 percent lower risk to suffer from any type of cancer and heart disease. Also, there were almost 50 percent less in risk for mortality in the next five years.



Statistics to know


From all the studied citizens, around 2,500 of them died. More than 3,740 were diagnosed with cancer and around 1,111 had several heart-related issues. The further they cycled, the higher their health level was. The average miles they did was 30 miles per week. And also, they were doing this type of physical activity for more than 5 years.


According to the World Health Organization, more than 8.8 million people have died from cancer only in 2015. They also have admitted that regular physical activity, a healthy body weight and reduced alcohol intake are the main factors to reduce cancer risks by almost 40 percent!



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