Dangerous side effects of diet pills. Learn what you can do

Dangerous side effects of diet pills

weight loss myths


Having a pill that can make you have the perfect body has been a dream that people, especially women have had for hundreds of years. In general speaking, diet pills fall into three main categories: the over-the-counter pills, prescription diet pills (regulated by the FDA), and herbal remedies that are not controlled and regulated by FDA.


Well, these “magical” solutions come with a price. Despite the extravagant and wonderful promises manufacturers of these pills and supplements make, they have proven to bring many dangerous side effects. For example: an increased blood pressure, heart attack, insomnia, drug dependence… Unfortunately, despite the well-known risks these pills have, the demand for these drugs is continuously increasing, especially among people with eating disorders.



How these weight loss supplements work?


Have you ever wondered how can a single pill trigger that many “natural” body processes to make you lose weight? You are not the one to blame since many companies producing these pills and supplements, give too many promises in a single commercial. Sometimes, including the words “natural”, “organic”, “no side effects” and “healthy” can really make desperate people that are trying to lose weight to go and purchase these “magical” products…


According to them, the results a person should ask for are as follows:


– Make you feel full despite what you’ve eaten

– Make your metabolism speed up

– Stop your food cravings

– Make your body to reduce its fat production and absorption form the foods you consume

– Stimulate your body to use energy




Where is the danger hiding?


One of the primary elements found in these diet pills is caffeine. It stimulates your central nervous system and makes your body burn fat through the thermogenesis process. But, the risk of taking these fake stimulants hides in other dangerous aspects as well.

Even though not all diet pills and supplements are created in the same exact way, making some of them more acceptable to be consumed than others, most of them contain more dangerous effects than good ones. That is why; FDA has banned many of them… Some of the most common risks of these pills are:


– High blood pressure

– Diarrhea

– Kidney issues

– Increased heart rateAgitation

– Liver damage

– Insomnia

– Rectal bleeding



Being in such a danger, means you, as a consumer, must be able to protect yourself. Especially from these unacceptable diet supplements that are commonly found in the market. In cases when your doctor is the one that is advising you take certain supplements such as calcium, zinc, fish oil, etc. (doctors wont usually suggest you taking diet pills, just pills that regulate your body deficiencies and other enzyme’s balances), then, the only thing you can do, is making your own research about the brands that offer this product. Try evaluating each product for safety, ingredients, purity etc.


But, in cases when you “have” to take diet pills, you should know that despite how “natural” and effective they might sound; there is no single supplement/pill that can guarantee you long-term healthy results. As soon as you finish having them, chances are you will gain back all the artificially-lost weight and most importantly, the risks of heart attack and obesity will get higher and higher each day…


The best, most effective, natural and healthy way to lose weight, is through a proper well-balanced diet and regular exercise. The diet should be filled with healthy, unprocessed elements! Changing your lifestyle habits is what you need to do in order to make long-lasting and healthy changes.



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