Treadmill vs Elliptical; What can help you better decide

Treadmill vs Elliptical; Which one works better

elliptical vs treadmill


Both, treadmill and elliptical machine can provide effective cardio training. If you’re looking to purchase a machine but you’re not sure whether the treadmill or elliptical machine will do the work more efficiently, then, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


Even though these machines are both cardio-oriented and also, can guarantee you many similar benefits especially in the weight loss, endurance and cardiovascular aspect, they still are different. Since they differ, their effects on your body cannot be the same as well. While getting your heart rate and burning all the extra calories, your body starts to slowly adjust to the specific machine features you’re working with. There are certain muscles groups that get to work more than others depending on the machine you’re using.


Below, you can find some considerations to help you better decide which type of cardio machine is closer to your fitness goals and needs.



Why to choose the treadmill?


Treadmill is better at building bone density. The strength and impact your feet have when running or even walking, make your bones further grow and develop by significantly reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


The treadmill includes different types of training intensities and workouts. Its settings allow you to vary your routine by running, jogging, walking and also, changing the terrain from flat to hills.


Treadmill allows you to train while doing natural movements. The treadmill isn’t too complicated when it comes to the way it should be used. Walking/running is an action designed to our genes. Our body feels very comfortable by doing the types of movements’ treadmill require you to. That is why; the risks of injuries, doing it wrong etc. are lower than on any other training machine.


It also requires you to spend more energy in order to properly handle it intensity, programs and speeds. Treadmill allows you to challenge yourself in different ways without the need to move from where you are. You get to work with your body weight and treadmill, especially when in a running mode, makes you burn a lot of calories. You can barely find another machine to make you burn these much.



Why choose elliptical


Elliptical machine isn’t too harsh on your joints. While running on a treadmill might put too much stress on your knee, spine, ankle and hips, elliptical machine does not due to its non-impact conditioning features.  If you know your joints are your weakest point, then, choosing elliptical machine over treadmill is a smart thing to do.


Elliptical machine allows you to work on your upper body areas as well. While running or walking doesn’t necessarily mean your upper part muscles get trained, since the movements your body does while running are minimal on its upper part, elliptical machine works differently. It works in the same way even on your upper area just like on the lower one.


Elliptical machine is perfect for those who want to focus more on their cardiovascular aspect. Especially for ones that don’t have the intention to build their body or lose weight on a static machine. If you want a machine just to work on your cardio aspect, then, elliptical is the one you should purchase. It has minimal side effects while on the other hand, keeps your heart in its optimal shape.


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