How sugar affects your feet? Learn what causes your feet to hurt

How sugar affects your feet? Learn what causes your feet to hurt

sugar and feet issues


Nutrition is one of the most important aspects into everyone’s life. Proper nutrition means you are less at risk for all kinds of health-related issues. Also, you’ve got bigger chances for a longer and happier life. There are many types of food, like for example the ones high in sugar which can cause some serious inflammations that can strongly impact your feet’s health.


Even though when people think about nutrition and the way it affects their health, the first things to go through their mind are the heart-related issues, obesity etc. But, the truth is, nutrition affects every single part of your body including feet.





One of the first problems that nutrition causes on your feet’s health is inflammation. There are certain food choices that have the ability to increase certain chemicals in your body and cause tissue inflammation. Usually, this type of inflammation appears on your feet as plantar fasciitis. This syndrome causes considerable pain in the thick band tissue. It is the tissue that passes across the bottom of the foot, where the heel area is.


The most common conditions that affect millions of people every year all across the world are diabetes and peripheral artery disease. They can both harm your feet and damage the arteries responsible to bring the blood to your extremities in your feet.



Foods that encourage inflammation


Studies have indicated the effect certain types of food can have on your overall heath and especially, feet’s health. Diets that encourage inflammation on your feet area are the ones that include refined grains, trans fats, junk foods and most importantly, sugar!


Even though the above-mentioned elements play the most important part when it comes to your feet’s health, there are also many other reasons that might be causing your feet to be in pain and feel unable to handle any kind of physical activity that requires you to stand. Chronic allergies to common, daily foods such as nuts, or wheat, may significantly increase your level of inflammation. Also, another thing that contributes to an increased chances of inflammation on your feet, are the foods that cause a high blood sugar level. White flour, pasta or desserts are the ones that specifically contribute in the appearance of inflammation on your feet components.



What to do


In order to be healthier and get all the anti-inflammatory benefits that many types of foods can in your body and especially feet, you need to make some changes into your diet as soon as you can. Fatty fish (Salmon, tuna, etc.) are the greatest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. This type of fat is proved to significantly reduce the chances of any type of inflammation. When accompanied with omega-6 and 9, the effect of omega-3 fatty acid is more powerful and works quickly.

Try to include into your everyday diet as many veggies as you can, especially the green leafy ones.  Try to cut out junk foods and trans fats. And most importantly, foods loaded in sugar and refined grains.



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