Your Choice With Trek Project One

This past year I had more than ample time to bond with my trusty Trek Speed Concept. At times I felt truly bonded as if glued by sugar and sweat to my bike. Triathletes are notorious for the ickiness of our bikes. I could go on, but to protect the innocent I will not. Think about the length of time we spend on our bikes and the dots will connect on their own. 

After shedding blood, sweat and tears on my bike I hold much affection for her. Two weeks post Ironman Canada it was time to say goodbye. I had mixed emotions about seeing her go, but I can honestly say I didn’t spend too much time grieving. I had barely closed the door before I jumped on the computer to begin designing my dream bike. 

A World Of Choices

My new love will be a Trek Project One Speed Concept. What in the world is that? A Project One is any combination of 36 sextillion choices available to design a bike of your dreams. A Project One bike can be as colorful and audacious as you like or classically understated. For 2014, the Trek Project One program just got more affordable too. Your dream bike can be as affordable as $3,500 or as extravagant as $16,000! 

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Project One Frames


All Trek Project One bikes are built one bike at a time by hand in Madison, Wisconsin. The process begins at your fingertips on Trek’s website. The first choice is frame design. Trek offers their custom program for select mountain bikes, road bikes and triathlon bikes. The Nine Series Speed Concept was previously the only option for triathlon frame. For 2014 models Trek recently announced that they are offering Project One for the Seven Series frames as well. This new option brings the price range down and opens the door of owning a custom bike to a much larger audience. 

Choosing a paint scheme is the most exciting and difficult choice. I personally spent hours designing everything from loud high-vis colored bikes to sleek classic colors. There are different price levels based on how custom the paint scheme is. Frame color and logo color are standard choices. More extravagant choices such as flames or vapor coating are premium choices. Carrera Blue and Lime Green are the colors currently in the top running for my dream bike. My dream is still a digital image for now.

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Heather's Dream Bike



Drive train or component group on a bike is simply referring to the gears and the mechanisms that shift the gears. Choosing a component group can change the price of a bike drastically. After choosing frame, paint and components there are fun decisions to make such as wheels, grip color or bar tape color. 

Perhaps the least creative but most important part of bike selection is fit and geometry. Let someone at your local bike shop help you make those decisions. Cahaba Cycles offers bike fitting services at all four locations.The experience you have on a beautiful bike may not be as pleasurable as it should be if the fit or geometry is not correct for you. 

Sit down at your laptop and let your creative juices flow freely. Design a Project One as limitless as possible first. Then break it down and create a bike of your own that is yours and only yours. My Project One Speed Concept only lives on my computer screen and in my dreams right now. One day very soon she will have a place of her own in the pain cave. 

Heather Hagan, CSCS

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