Run pacing across multiple triathlon distances

Have you ever wondered how to pace an ironman run? Or a half ironman?  Do you know how to determine a target pace for a marathon based on your 10k time?  This chart will help you!

Here is how you use it (to figure out a target pace for a new distance given a known pace for a different distance)

  1. Find a recent race result that you think of as "typical" that is on a similiar course to the one you are trying to figure out
  2. Figure out what the "Vdot" of that race was
  3. Then use the same vdot and look at the other unknown distance to figure out your expected time
As an example:
-In the recent half ironman, an athlete I coach did the run in 1:43, for a Vdot of 47.  This same 47 vdot suggests he should be able to do a half marathon (not in an triathlon) in 1:36, or an ironman run in 4:07
-I have found this table to be SPOOKILY accurate

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Proper pacing across non-triathlon runs and triathlon run legs