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Clinton Rawlinson

Arctec Sports

Cumming, GA

[email protected]

Athlete Centered, Coach Driven and Performance Focused

At Arctec Sports we know that all people are different and require different approaches to training, for this reason we customize all our coaching to an athletes individual needs and help you train smarter to get better results. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned elite, we will help you reach your personal goals.

One on One Triathlon Coaching

Development Triathlon Coaching

Performance Triathlon Coaching

Performance Plus Triathlon Coaching

Observation – understanding the individual athlete and their physical, mental and cultural make up.

Training psychology – the athletes personality, why winning is not normal and how we overcome this.

Training physiology – the male and female athlete, physical and mental characteristics determining the training program, intensities and volumes.

Training philosophy –  periodization, the training mix, psychology + physiology, athlete development and the use of races within these considerations.

Swim training – techniques for the individual athlete, use of swim tools, stroke correction.

Bike training – positioning, technique for the individual athlete, bicycle and component selection, skills, tools.

Run training – technique for the individual athlete, shoe choice, use of run tools (hills, track, treadmill, road).

Triathlon – integration of swim, bike and run into the one training approach.

Stretching – massage, warm up and warm downs.

Injuries – prevention, treatment, athlete mentality and training around or through them.

Tapering and race preparation – season and yearly planning, race week, race nutrition, post race recovery, training races.

Race execution – strategy for the individual athlete and season goals.

I am 38 years old and sit on the Board of Directors for two international companies, I am an engineer by trade but a coach by heart. I started doing triathlon competitively in 2008. I have raced from the worlds toughest Olympic distance race :11 Global in South Africa where I finished 3rd to All African Championships where I finished 3rd and 2nd a year later. I have raced from Ironman 70.3 Pescara in Italy to Ironman 70.3 world champs in the USA, but coaching is not about accolades but more about your ability as a coach to assess, plan, communicate and motivate your athletes to achieve their goals.

Soon after I began competing in triathlons, I found many athletes, from beginners to elites and even top coaches asking me for advice. This was when I realized how much I enjoyed helping athletes achieve their goals and it soon became my passion.

I have worked with athletes in South Africa and in the United States and even with junior development teams. So no matter what your level of experience, I can help you achieve your goals. I’m a specialist in organizing and planning of training programs, flexible and precise, with a healthy dose of creativity. I have an extensive knowledge of the dynamics in Swimming, Cycling, Running and Nutrition.

My strong coaching skills can transform your performance to achieve your goals. To add, I am a coach with no 9-5 mentality and believe in the personal touch. New challenges and targets are things that motivate me the most and I remain extremely customer friendly and allergic to bad service.