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Johnny Shelby

USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center - Third Coast Training

Houston, TX

[email protected]

We offer private Total Immersion swimming instruction sessions on a daily basis. Our two formats are learn to swim and build speed. 

Performance Testing
In need of training zones to maximize your training? We provide VO2 and lactate profile testing for all disciplines. With each assessment we'll give you a thorough consult you'll have a good grasp on how your body responds to exercise and what your training needs are. 

Massage Therapy
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue Hot stone
Hot Stone

Triathlon Training 
Ready to prep for your first triathlon, break your plateau, or take your performance to the next level? Our Houston triathlon coaches will get you prepared with a custom training plan designed specifically for your needs. 

Whether you're a beginner or an elite athlete we have a solution or you. Our Houston triathlon coaches will design your custom program to your needs and availability. With each assessment you'll see your fitness trend and know you're heading in the right direction to achieve your goals.

  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Olympic Triathlon
  • 70.3 (half ironman)
  • Ironman Triathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Adventure Race
  • Road Racing
  • Cyclo-cross
  • Mountain Bike
  • Track, BMX
  • Randonneuring
  • Charity Rides
  • Ultra-Marathon
  • Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • 5k, 10k
  • Track
  • Cross Country




Third Coast Training's is a USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center catering to beginner to elite triathletes. Our Houston triathlon coaches will cater to your specific needs. We work with a variety of Greater Houston triathlon clubs and teams. If you're a USAT member use the promo code: USATMEMBER when scheduling your appointment online.

The promo code: USATMEMBER

Zones Checks (VO2 Testing)
Lactate Profile
Wingate Testing