Coach Details
Coach: Kevin Landry
Company: Tri On The Run Fitness Center
Location: Houston, TX
E-Mail: [email protected]
Services: One on One Triathlon Coaching
Group Triathlon Coaching
VO2 Testing
Lactate Testing
Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
Video Swim Stroke Analysis
Video Gait Analysis
Sports Nutrition
Sports Chiropractic
Personal Training
Specialities: Running, Triathlon, Duathlon
Background: Doctor of Chiropractic for 17 years
-Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
-Certified Acupuncturist
-6 years coaching experience

-2 X IRONMAN Finisher (PR 10:32)
-2 Time Qualifier for Duathlon World Championships
-Marathon PR 2:43 in Houston 1996
-Other PRs: 5K-16:08, 10K-33:36, 10m-55:20 and 25K-1:29

-F.I.S.T. certified in triathlon bike fit. (Dan Empfield)
-John Cobb trained in time trial bike fit.
-My coaching philosophy: Consistant training is the key to improving in endurance sports. Its not what you do in a week or two that determines success, its what you do over months and years. So be patient and enjoy the training.

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