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Beth Baumgarten

Sportfit Lab

Herndon, VA

[email protected]

We offer a wide range of services including advanced physiological testing (Lactate Balance Point, VO2 Max, Strength, Flexibility & Injury Assessment), bike fitting, custom bikes (GURU and Pedal Force), aerobars, seat demos, nutrition products (EFS), and individual online training incorporating expert testing data (accurate lactate and VO2 training zones to help you achieve your goals!).  At Sportfit Lab we believe in balanced training for lifelong fitness and injury prevention. Check us out online at

We provide individualized training, independent/optimal bike purchase recommendations, individual swim stroke assessment, video analysis of running gait and cycling performance and much more.

    I am a USAT Level I Certified Coach and competitive Age Group triathlete. I have a life-long passion for sports and fitness.  I started competing in triathlons in 2004 on a bet from my brother, and I fell in love with the sport immediately.  The challenge, camaraderie, excitement, intricacy, and overall fitness and training involved excited and intrigued me from the beginning. It's no wonder that triathlon has become the world's largest growing sport. 

    I quickly learned that there was more to triathlon training than just following the latest fads and "expert" advice.  I enlisted the help of an excellent coach, who guided me to the USAT Age Group Nationals in 2007. During this time, I also met the love of my life, lifetime competitive athlete, exercise physiologist, and successful fitness businessman, Doug Baumgarten,  Together we provide a full range of services for beginners through elite endurance athletes at Sportfit Lab in Herndon, VA.