Coach Details

Ben Bigglestone

Vo2Multisport LLC

Bellevue, WA

[email protected]

I offer full program prescription for athletes of all levels, beginner to experienced. I provide individual discipline coaching and technical analysis including underwater video, run gait, and bike fitting services. Through my performance center I offer group based workouts which include indoor multi riding on the computrainer system as well as group core, functional strength and run workouts. I also run a popular twice weekly triathlon specific swim class at Samena Swim & Recreation Club in Bellevue.

My focus is on developing a complete athlete. I believe in structured intensity over pointless volume. I am a huge advocate of skill development which I feel is neglected by most coaches. Training with power on the bike is an area I have extensive knowledge of.

I have been competing as a triathlete at a high level since 1989. I have Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Leeds University in the UK. I also hold BTF (British Triathlon Federation) Level 1&2 coaching qualifications as well as ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) swim teachers certification and BAWLA Strength and Conditioning qualifications. I have been actively coaching triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners since 1992. I relocated to the USA in 2005 and founded Vo2Multisport in 2007. I opened Vo2 Performance Center (a triathlon performance center) on November 1st 2009.