Coach Details

Thomas Miles


Elk Grove Village, IL

[email protected]

Monthly personal coaching plans; Hourly services; Pre-season race analysis; Post-season race performance analysis

Coaching beginner and intermediate age group triathletes. Race analysis.

I am a USAT Certified coach specializing in helping age group triathletes accomplish their goals. As the name of my business- trihappy- implies, I approach this from the standpoint that my athletes are doing triathlon because something about it makes them happy. I came to the sport a little later in life than some, and will never be mistaken or an elite athlete. While I absolutely respect and admire the elite and professional triathletes in our sport, I also understand that the backbone of triathlon is comprised of age group triathletes competing because it enhances their life in some way. Helping these age group athletes accomplish their goals is my mission.