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Kevin Paladino

Coach Kevin Multisport

Omaha, NE


Premium Plan: This Plan is limited to ensure quality! There is an absolute commitment to helping you achieve your goals. This is why unlimited coach/ client contact, is not only allowed but encouraged. Quarterly Plan: This plan is an athletes most powerful tool when trying to make serious progress in their competition experiences. Each athlete is allowed to unlimited e-mail interaction. Hourly Consulting: Threshold Testing, Skills Aanalysis, Bike Positioning, General Consultations

Experienced in the execution of threshold tests, including the use of CompuTrainer

Coach Kevin's Mission Statement: To assist athletes at all abilities in reaching their full athletic potential and to encourage athletes to pursue their dreams and goals while maintaining a balance with multisport and life. Coach Kevin's Bio: USAT certified coach since 1999 and 15 year veteran of triathlons. I have a passion for endurance sports and helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I am an experienced endurance coach, from working with the beginner athlete to elite competitors. I have multiple finishes at the Ironman, Half Ironman, and shorter distance triathlons. In addition I have completed Ultra-marathons, marathons and shorter road races. I consider myself a typical age group competitor, balancing all demands of life with training and competition. I am married to Cindy and have two children, Megan and Cameron.