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Mark McDonnell

TriExpert Coaching

Miami, FL

[email protected]

No programs. No Gold, Bronze or Silver service levels. No long term commitments. You decide how much of my time you want, and you pay me for it ($1.50/minute). I'm an old hand, so I can accurately estimate how long each component task will take. Plus I work very efficiently, so your costs stay low.

Triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon; road cycling; road running, marathoning, cross country, track & field, decathlon, heptathlon

I've been an endurance coach since 1993. I'm a middle-of-the-pack masters triathlete and distance runner who is always delighted when one of my athletes passes me in a race. Since this happens so often, I'm a very happy guy! My grounding in sports science means your physiological preparation will be impeccable. But we'll go much farther. I'll show you how to become a true master of your sport by maximally engaging your mind and heart. Other coaches train athletes; you and I will collaborate in a dynamic research project to continually increase your sports performance. Other coaches write training schedules; you and I will craft your athletic success story. Other coaches prescribe workouts; you and I design unique experiments to expand your awareness, technique and power!